Clear heads.

Behind every piece of work stands our small but outstanding team. Creative, organizational and technical talents – with a practical, methodical and scientific background. Everyone has a mind of their own, and that's a good thing.

  • Dominic Lessing
    Dominic Lessing

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    Responsible for communication design, digital communication and all financial topics. He is a graduate media economist (FH), media designer and trained coach.

  • Tim Tiede
    Tim Tiede

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    Responsible for consulting, conception, text and all personnel topics. He is a business psychologist B.A., event manager, trained coach and lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.

  • Monique Gonzalez
    Monique Gonzalez

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    Works with the management team on projects, keeps the organizational threads together and takes care of self-marketing and recruiting. She is a trained banker, has many years of know-how in management assistance, marketing and speaks fluent English and Spanish.

  • Christiane von Bonin
    Christiane von Bonin

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    Responsible for consulting, conception and design for positioning and strengthening B2B brands. She is a graduate communication designer, trained coach and has many years of experience in supporting large international and medium-sized regional companies.

  • Melanie Tiede
    Melanie Tiede

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    Responsible for customer contact, the handling of complex marketing projects and content topics. She is a specialist for marketing communication and studies business psychology in Cologne besides her job.

  • Kilian Bungert
    Kilian Bungert

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    Specialized in digital communication projects, he supports clients in the areas of online marketing, social media marketing and eCommerce. He has a Master's degree in Business Psychology M.Sc.

  • Sarah Brooksiek-Börsch
    Sarah Brooksiek-Börsch

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    Responsible for headlines, texts and content in our print and digital projects. She is a trained copywriter at Texterschmiede Hamburg, has refined her craft in many well-known agencies and has continued her education to become a social media and PR manager.

  • Yannick Callegari
    Yannick Callegari

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    currently completing his training at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a merchant for marketing communication

  • Monique Venn
    Monique Venn

    #CommunicationDesign #Graphic


    Responsible for print and screen design, branding concepts and advertising branding. She is a trained media designer.

  • Karina Hormes
    Karina Hormes

    #Graphic #Finalartwork


    Responsible for the technical implementation of our creative projects and therefore specialized in the final artwork. She is a trained media designer and trainer for our apprentices.

  • Sabrina Calvagna
    Sabrina Calvagna

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  • Urs Clever
    Urs Clever

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  • Hanna Callegari
    Hanna Callegari

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    Currently completing her training at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a digital and print media designer in the agency's graphics team. She studied communication design at the Cologne Design Academy and is now broadening her technical know-how.

  • Felix Schulz
    Felix Schulz

    #Trainee #CommunicationDesign #Graphic


    Currently completing her training at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a digital and print media designer in the agency's graphics team.  As a trained design assistant, he adds a good portion of expertise and skill to the team.

  • Philip Steinbach
    Philip Steinbach

    #Production #Purchasing #Promotionalitems

    +49 (0) 2193 95330-15 Call

    Responsible for the production and purchase of all advertising materials, contact person for all suppliers and specialized in promotional items. He is a trained businessman.

  • Adrian Miltkau
    Adrian Miltkau

    #Production #Print #Advertising

    +49 (0) 2193 95330-19 Call

    Responsible for print and advertising material production, is the technical contact for all suppliers and responsible for quality assurance. He is an industrial master for print media.

  • Manuel Pier
    Manuel Pier

    #Digital #Backend


    Responsible for web development, backend programming, content management systems and newsletters. He is a certified computer scientist in multimedia.

  • Annika Fischer
    Annika Fischer

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    Supports the management team in commercial organization and personnel issues. She is a trained industrial clerk and has many years of know-how in customer service.

  • Melanie Krull
    Melanie Krull

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  • Leo Maus
    Leo Maus



    Mainly responsible for the good vibe at the office and the mail(man).

  • Freelancer

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    We rely on a permanent team of freelancers who are dedicated to a special topic with heart and soul.