Clear heads.

Behind every piece of work stands our small but outstanding team. Creative, organizational and technical talents – with a practical, methodical and scientific background. Everyone has a mind of their own, and that's a good thing.

  • Dominic Lessing
    Dominic Lessing

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    Responsible for communication design, digital communication and all financial topics. He is a graduate media economist (FH), media designer and trained coach.

  • Tim Tiede
    Tim Tiede

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    Responsible for consulting, conception, text and all personnel topics. He is a business psychologist B.A., event manager, trained coach and lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.

  • Christiane von Bonin
    Christiane von Bonin

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    Responsible for consulting, conception and design for positioning and strengthening B2B brands. She is a graduate communication designer, trained coach and has many years of experience in supporting large international and medium-sized regional companies.

  • Kathrin Dünweg
    Kathrin Dünweg

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    Responsible for customer support in the area of online marketing and eCommerce. She has many years of agency experience in managing extensive, partly agile website projects as well as usability optimization.

  • Ann-Kathrin Bremer
    Ann-Kathrin Bremer

    #Contact #SocialMedia # Projectmanagement #Text

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    As part of the contact team, she is responsible for project management, text creation and online marketing. She studied German and media cultural studies at the University of Cologne and is a businesswoman for audiovisual media.

  • Kseniia Zaichenko
    Kseniia Zaichenko

    #Contact #Projectmanagement #Print #Digital

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    She is responsible for customer care in the contact team, has a lot of expertise in print projects, and at the same time has a special preference for the digital. She is a linguist with several degrees: Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Ukraine, Poland and most recently at the University of Bonn.

  • Melanie Tiede
    Melanie Tiede

    #Contact #Consulting #Projectmanagement #Employerbranding

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    Responsible for customer contact, the handling of complex marketing projects and content topics. She  has a Master's degree in Business Psychology M.Sc.  and is a specialist for marketing communication.

  • Hanna Callegari
    Hanna Callegari

    #Graphic #Layout #Finalartwork

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    As a communication designer, she strengthens our graphics team in the areas of layout and final artwork. She is a trained media designer for digital/print and graduated in communication design at the Cologne Design Academy.


  • Janusz Zylka
    Janusz Zylka

    #Graphic #Layout #Finalartwork

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    As a specialist for final artwork, the technical implementation of our creative projects is particularly close to his heart. He is a trained digital/print media designer with a focus on design and technology.

  • Urs Clever
    Urs Clever

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    Responsible for layout, communication and screen design. He is a trained media designer in conception and visualization and, as a trained carpenter, still has a craftsman's ace up his sleeve.

  • Jan Kaufmann
    Jan Kaufmann

    #Graphic #Layout #Trainee

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    Completes his IHK training as a digital and print media designer.

  • Monique Lessing
    Monique Lessing

    #Creation #Artdirection #Design

    on maternity leave

    Responsible for print and screen design, branding concepts and advertising branding. She is a trained media designer.

  • Manuel Pier
    Manuel Pier

    #Digital #FullStack #Webdevelopment

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    Responsible for web development, backend programming, content management systems and newsletters. He is a certified computer scientist in multimedia.

  • Philip Steinbach
    Philip Steinbach

    #Production #Purchasing #Promotionalitems #Haptic

    +49 (0) 2193 95330-15 Call

    Responsible for the production and purchase of all advertising materials, contact person for all suppliers and specialized in promotional items. He is a trained businessman.

  • Adrian Miltkau
    Adrian Miltkau

    #Production #Purchasing #Promotionalitems #Print

    +49 (0) 2193 95330-19 Call

    Responsible for print and advertising material production, is the technical contact for all suppliers and responsible for quality assurance. He is an industrial master for print media.

  • Angela Obrycki
    Angela Obrycki

    #Production #Purchasing #Promotionalitems #Haptic

    +49 (0) 2193 95330-33 Call

    Responsible for research, production commissioning and purchase of advertising materials. She holds a degree in business administration for trade fair, congress and event management.

  • Melanie Krull
    Melanie Krull

    #Backoffice #Accountancy #Controlling

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    Manages the accounting processes of the agency. She is a trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant, has continued her education alongside her job and has many years of experience in financial accounting.

  • Leo Maus
    Leo Maus



    Mainly responsible for the good vibe at the office and the mail(man).

  • Freelancer

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    We rely on a permanent team of freelancers who are dedicated to a special topic with heart and soul.