Clear line.

Advertising, marketing, brand management – the agency industry is also in a constant state of change and likes to reinvent itself. No wonder. The paze is insane. Riding the digitization roller coaster can become pretty dizzy. Therefor it is important to keep a cool head and to follow a clear communication line. This is our mission.

Craft and creativity under one roof

For more than ten years, we have been gathering creative people under our agency roof in the spirit of this mission. People who are masters in their jobs and love it when effective communication ideas are brought to life in a team. For the most part, we fall back on permanent employees and long-term customer relationships. We promise dedicated contacts and high interest in your offers and markets. This is why many customers regard us as an outsourced yet permanent part of their business. We like this idea and like to confirm it with loyalty and high commitment.

Speaking of commitment, for us, this is not just a promise to our customers. As an agency, we are committed to volunteer work – and not simply because it’s the right thing to do. From the very beginning, we support community work, local customs and the important work of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We also foster the exchange between science and practice. Since 2011, we have been teaching at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, assigning and supervising case studies and reviewing scientific papers every semester.

Our guiding principles

  • Heart and soul.

    Our projects are the result of passionate work. They are very close to our heart!

  • Clarity.

    In our dealings, openness and honesty come first. We cultivate internal and external clarity!

  • Creativity.

    In our minds, there is a solution for everything. We celebrate creativity as the greatest good of our work.

  • Curiosity.

    In our work, it is important to be enthusiastic about customer products and new insights. We are hungry for knowledge!