Clear portfolio

You have good products, services or jobs, we know how to commercialize them. We achieve ambitious goals with effective ideas and efficient tools. Along the way, our entire service portfolio is used, always exactly as it fits. We can advise you on the way to your (employer) brand, design your communication, stage your trade fair appearance or realize your website. Of course, with passion and clear ideas.

  • Communication advice

    Organizations have fundamental knowledge of their own products/services, prices and distribution channels. They also know how basic marketing communication works. But marketing communication nowadays is a highly complex matter and requires clear (brand) management. Many topics of internal and external communication need to be strategically sorted. (Employer) brand development, corporate communication and digitization are our specialized fields of consulting – always clear, pragmatic and without beating around the bush.

  • Digital communication

    Digitization is the current hot business topic, it pervades all areas of the value chain. Communication in particular benefits from the numerous possibilities that this results bring. A huge opportunity. Internet dialogues, new dimensions of measurability and accurate customer contact are just a few key words. Not only do we dominate this field, we are enthusiastic fans. Modern websites, databases, newsletters, apps and social media are our main topics - always clear, savvy and up-to-date!

  • Communication design

    Good corporate design is no coincidence. Designs that appeal to the human eye are creative compositions that conform to regularities and are continually evolving. A smart campaign that leads to buying impulses is also the result of creative tools. Our conceptual designers, graphic designers and copywriters know these principles like the back of their hand. Gifted with exceptional ideas and a talent for scouting current trends, they create a representative design, a meaningful text or a photo – always clear, custom fit and with that special certain something!

Clear competences.

  • Branding

    • brand consulting
    • brand audit
    • brand personality scale
    • employer branding
    • brand management
    • brand workshops
  • Corporate

    • logo development
    • office equipment
    • image/product brochure
    • folder/flyer
    • catalogue
    • mailing
  • Editorial

    • magazine for customers
    • magazine for employees
    • magazine for events
    • whitepaper
    • anniversary publication
  • Digital

    • screen design
    • responsive web design
    • app design
    • newsletter
    • e-Commerce
    • programming
    • content management
  • Content

    • social media
    • content planning
    • editing
    • advertising text
    • proofreading
  • Live

    • event branding
    • incentive
    • trade fair
    • promotion
    • symposium