Between spider legs and dragon tongues


About the project

We have implemented a customer project that will keep those with a sweet tooth happy for 24 days. As a fourth-generation family business, hitschler has been regularly launching new sweets in a wide variety of flavours since 1920. And while Mallow Cubes, spider legs and sour dragon tongues are all over the supermarket shelves, there was one long overdue December highlight missing from the range: the hitschler Advent calendar. Our idea: we let the sweet (and sour) surprises become the stars of the calendar motif. Hitschies, sherbet ufos, colourful strings and co. are the eye-catchers of the Advent calendar, staged in a christmassy way. In addition to the idea and concept, as well as the design and visualisation of the layout, we were also responsible for the photo shoot, including photo direction. However, no one can explain where some of the sweets disappeared to during the shooting...