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About the project

Durch Denken Vorne Consult is an innovative and dynamic management consultancy in the fields of purchasing, product cost optimisation and supply chain management. They support numerous well-known companies in the fields of mechanical engineering and plant construction, automotive, medical technology and utilities.

In order to continue to communicate the corporate values "innovation" and " dynamics" in a contemporary way, we have created a new digital playing field in close cooperation with the customer. Here, the company can play-out its content on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones in a specific and target group-oriented way. The visual soccer reference takes up one of the elementary basic philosophies of Durch Denken Vorne. Because " many understand soccer-german, it symbolizes challenges and creates dynamics, which should bring you to the top of the league at last".

The little treat, an interactive Q&A game: With the Denk-o-Mat, the user can interactively and playfully identify his problem areas around his purchasing department - so consulting can be fun!